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From College to Classy, a Fenway Condo's Transformation

Updated: May 3, 2023

A series of events lead to the opportunity to restore value to a sales listing. Our client jumped at the opportunity and with our expert builder, Sean of Green Edge Builders, the team was set up to recreate a Feway condo.

Already unique, this condo for sale in Fenway started life as two studios that were combined to create a rare duplex with 2 bathrooms. There were however, a few quirks...

First up was the awkward shower/bath/soaking tub in the primary bathroom. It took up all of the standing space for the second vanity and was just...awkward. That had to go, immediately! Check out the before and after:



In addition to new toilets, the shower hardware is all new and keeping with the brushed silver theme throughout.

The next major improvement was the living room which had three elements we were changing.

Living room BEFORE:

This property came with window seats for the two bay windows on each level and they were not only dated but a waste of precious space. So those were removed, the radiators were pushed back and the bamboo flooring carried to the wall.

Next up was the tired Ikea quality shelving and awkward wet bar, divided by a small chase wall. This layout made the space feel narrow and quality was nowhere near par. Everything on the back wall was torn out and a custom symmetrical built-in shelving/entertainment unit was built and installed to span the entire width of the room.

Even mid-construction, this work was already was changing the dynamic of the living room in a serious way.

Thirdly for the living room: The stairway was nearly enclosed by a tall partition wall boxed out of drywall. It was huge, both physically and mentally. In keeping with the goal of expanding the room's presence and utility, we made the executive decision to remove the partition and install a smaller, glass divider. This would not only take up less space, but the glass helps the railing disappear into the room. Killer choice as it worked perfectly to preserve the rooms volume and is just a cool feature overall!

Check out the final product:

Pretty sure we nailed it!

Moving on to downstairs in the primary bedroom, it was clear what needed to happen. Window seat gets removed, as with the Ikea shelving and the open nook on the back wall, perfect for a closet, was closed off into a 3'X9' closet. The carpet was ditched and new eco friendly bamboo laid throughout.



While these elements were the main items that were changed during this renovation, everything saw at some point:

- Upgraded in-ceiling lighting with dimmable LED pucks throughout the entire unit

- Every outlet/outlet cover replaced to white

- All windows with broken weather seals were replaced with new glass and seals

- All hardware switched to brushed silver

- New eco toilets

- Eco friendly bamboo throughout

And last but not least, the kitchen. While we didn't 'change' much with regards to the layout or design, everything was replaced: solid wood cabinetry, upgraded countertop with LED lighting, new Bosch appliances. All keeping with the white, silver and black theme carried throughout the property. The stove fan does vent to the exterior so if you accidentally burn your steak, it's OK.

While there are half a dozen additional details throughout, this summates the #duplexonjersey's transformation, from college to classy.

Check out the Coming Soon here

- Andrew

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