Will "Stanky Bean" be the Paint Color of Summer?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Artificial intelligence can do some pretty fascinating things, but you might not want to let it mix and name new paint colors for your home. Not that you were going to do that, anyway.

Research scientist and neural network lover, Janelle Shane, on the other hand, decided to test it out. Shane writes on her Tumblr, “For this experiment, I gave the neural network a list of about 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint colors along with their RGB values. (RGB = red, green, and blue color values.) Could the neural network learn to invent new paint colors and give them attractive names?”

The answer? Not even close.

Shane concluded that, “1. The neural network really likes brown, beige, and grey; 2. The neural network has really, really bad ideas for paint names.” So, don’t expect to find “Grass Bat” or “Stoner Blue” in your local Home Depot anytime soon, but at least it was good for a laugh or two.

In case you need more: Janelle Shane has unleashed her neural networks on everything from metal band names to Doctor Who episode titles. You can see all her work on her website.