Compass Coming Soon | The Edge You've Been Waiting For

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Seller's Advantage

We are consistently looking for ways to sell client's homes for the highest price, most favorable terms and in a timely manner. One of the best ways to do that is to get a headstart marketing the home before it’s time to go to the MLS. Compass Coming Soon listings present the perfect opportunity to pre-market a property. Pre-marketing a listing is a powerful way to build up interest and demand, gain more exposure and gather valuable feedback.

Below we have outlined three of the benefits of utilizing Compass Coming Soon when we market your property!

Build up Interest & Demand

Pre-marketing is a powerful strategy that can help sell your home faster. Many industries use this tactic; think of how Hollywood releases movie trailers, or how Tesla gets thousands of people to sign up for a car two years ahead of time, or how a fashion brand previews a collection. All of these industries have mastered the art of pre-marketing to create interest and demand, and now Coming Soon listings will do the same thing for your home.

Creating early excitement can lead to twice as many visitors at the first open house and private showings scheduled before it hits the market. We carefully craft a plan to build up exposure of your property prior to it listing so you hit the ground running.

Get More Exposure

By creating a Compass Coming Soon listing, you create two opportunities to launch your property, doubling your exposure. The listing garners visibility first when it appears on, and then again later when it goes live on the MLS and syndicates with aggregators. This strategy, one that many successful agents across the country take advantage of, is a great way to make sure your listing is being seen by the largest number of agents and consumers. The result is that you are able to potentially sell the home quicker and for more money.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Compass Coming Soon allows agents and consumers to see the property before it goes live on the wider market. During that promotional period, we are able to gain valuable feedback on pricing, photos, and positioning of the home. One of the features of Coming Soon is that it allows us to test the marketplace and learn from it, all without ever actually putting a property on the MLS and aggregators. When it’s time to go live, the listing will be perfectly priced and positioned to sell quickly. By moving fast and learning from reality, we can create accuracy, impact, and more overall success through this strategy.

Buyer's Advantage

As a buyer, you want every advantage when purchasing in a competitive market, such as Boston's. Utilizing Compass Coming Soon allows you to know about listings before they hit the open market. Often times, property will never reach the open market because it will have been shown and sold prior. Nearly 25% of the Greater Boston real estate market is transacted 'off market'. This is a HUGE percent of the market that you, as a buyer, want access to.

We now make it a one-stop-shop with our Compass Coming Soon Collection that allows you to peruse all Compass Coming Soon listings, in one convenient place. If you see any listings you like, give us a shout! If you don't see anything you like, we're happy to keep an eye out for listings that fit the bill. Just reach out, and we'll go to work for you.