IndyCar Boston

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Boston has been going through a trend over the past few years. We’re starting to have more community oriented events and event spaces; Boston team-building of sorts.  As Mayor Walsh has been implementing his city-wide strategic development plan, we’ve seen a conscious focus on more public events and spaces dedicated to one goal: Bringing Boston together as a city. This is great.

The Lawn on D in Seaport is an excellent example. It’s a public space, designed to host events of various natures, primarily stemming around arts and entertainment. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve gone.  The bid for the Olympics is one of the biggest examples of the push for city-backed events. It didn’t quite play out (and seldom benefits the host city in the long run) but I commend the spirit for throwing our hat in the ring.

Most recently, Boston has decided to host IndyCar racing. As if the Seaport needed any additional press, it’s been decided that during Labor Day weekend, tens of thousands will converge to hear V6 engines whine at 12,000 rpms as 15 teams compete for open-wheeled glory. It’s no easy task to host an event of this nature and despite details still being finalized, tickets recently went on sale. Phone lines were downed from heavy traffic. If you’ve never been to a race like this, do yourself a favor and at LEAST get a day pass to the event. As an avid motorsports fan, I personally couldn’t have been more excited and I bought four 3-day passes. I’ll be bringing a few friends. Overall, it’s great to see how Boston is progressing with the community events. I recently read we’ll be hosting a massive food truck event. More to come!

Insider tip: I’m thinking of a contest to give away a couple of Grandstand 1 day passes  – stay tuned!