Puro Ceviche Bar - Back Bay

The team behind one of South End’s most popular Greek restaurants, Kava Neo-Taverna, just debuted another new restaurant, PURO Ceviche Bar in Boston’s Back Bay. PURO co-owners George Axiotis, Irakli Gogitidze, and Shahrokh Reza took the former Trattoria Newbury location and transformed it into an edgy, latin-inspired seafood restaurant. Per the PURO website, the restaurant is a “Latin inspired concept driven by love and passion that aims to produce unforgettable moments of celebrations through food and wine.”

PURO opened their doors for the first time on Friday, May 26, 2017 and the Sobel team were their very first customers!  Upon entering the lower-level restaurant, you are immediately immersed in the edgy underground feeling of the wall murals, the bartender’s classic rock shirts and the eclectic 80s soundtrack.

The cocktail menu includes unique twists on classics like their Tequila Mule, which overflows with jalepeno peppers and the Manhattan, which is made with aged tsipouro, an imported Greek whiskey-like spirit.

The food menu has many raw seafood options including ceviche, crudo and carpaccios. Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of Latin America and the Caribbean and is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with peppers. PURO’s raw bar Chef walked us through their ceviche menu, which is meant to be eaten starting with a lighter fish (snapper, sea bass) and working your way down to robust fare, such as Salmon and Tuna. The tuna ceviche is more like a tuna tartar, as the Chef explained, it is very hard to make ceviche with tuna because the lime destroys the fish. The chef recommended King Salmon Crudo, a dish that was created while they were experimenting with the menu:

The menu also offers small plates like the Anticuchos (smoked marinated skewers), Empanadas and the life changing Cachapa, a sweet corn pancake with quest fresco and a smoked aioli. Rumor has it this dish will be modified slightly to fit on PURO’s brunch menu in the future.

You can see the full menu here, which features ceviches and crudos, as well as latin small plates, salads, and grilled meats. With only seven tables, plus bar seating, PURO does not currently accept reservations, and they are open seven days a week from 11 A.M. – 11 P.M at 264 Newbury Street, Boston MA 02116.