Ice Ice Baby 🥶 Put this on your To-do List this Winter

Updated: Jan 29

Given we've all been (mostly) holed up in our homes and the winter is in full effect, getting outside has never been more important or welcomed. What's there to do when it's mid-winter in the Northeast? Well there are lots of things however visiting the Ice Castles in New Hampshire is near the top of the list.

You get to a) get out of the city/town/area you're in and travel a bit (it's a 2 hour zip up I93 from Boston) and b) view some pretty cool sculptures only possible because it's literally freezing outside!

Tickets range from $19-25 for adults and $15-19 for children. While they do sell them at the door, it's highly recommended to purchase in advance to ensure access. You can purchase them here:

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