Congratulations are in Order!

We’d like to be the first to congratulate our clients on the purchase of a STUNNING South End triplex. There is a story behind every sale and this one is no exception!

Starting with a referral from a dear client and friend, we were tasked with helping a couple transition successfully to Boston. We were working with limited availability to view properties given the buyer’s partial out-of-country status. During an ice storm the day before Christmas eve, we viewed 11 properties over 7 different neighborhoods to identify which resonated most with their lifestyle and needs. At the same time, we realized the need for 3 bedrooms plus a bonus space to assist with transitioning over the next few years from a full family to partial empty-nester status.

One of our favorite parts is to help people understand the nuances of each neighborhood and street in Boston. After identifying triplex layouts as the ideal setup, we viewed the best options, including 2 off-market properties, and fell in love with a gut-renovated home in the heart of the South End. It had such a warm, home-like feeling despite it’s brand new status.

We could go on about the details in this property like the traditional-yet-contemporary moldings and the amazing layout… but the story didn’t end yet! After falling in love, we find out the property had an accepted offer (ugh!) with a kick-out-clause. We have a motto that you’re always competing (in some capacity) so we upped the ante, formulated a more competitive offer and secured the listing!

We couldn’t be more happy for our clients and welcome them to the neighborhood!