5 Tips & Tricks for Preparing Your Home for Winter

We've scoured the internet in search of the most important tips & tricks for getting your home ready for winter weather. Read below for our 5 tips and tricks for preparing your home for Winter!

1. Exterior Landscaping: After last Winter's storm that resulted in an unprecedented amount of downed trees and power lines, we can't emphasize this one enough! Although you can't control the town-manged trees that line your street, you can take steps to protect the trees on your property. Trim branches back from the house and power lines to prevent property damage or a power outage. Not only will this protect your property during an ice storm or high winds, it will also prevent damage to the tree (which if unattended could result in the loss of the entire tree!).

2. Clean the Gutters: Gutters can go neglected season-to-season, but a good cleaning in preparation of winter weather can go a long way. Messy gutters can become clogged, which can cause water to overflow and flood your basement. Leaf and debris-filled gutters can also result in the gutters tearing away from your home, and the ever feared ice dam.

3. Insulate Your Pipes: If you own an older home, this is especially important. If your pipes are warm to the touch, they could probably benefit from some insulation! You can find pre-slit pipe foam at most hardware stores, cut it to size and secure it with duct tape. This is a quick and easy task that will not only help prevent your pipes from freezing, but also help lower the cost of hot water.

4. Heat Efficiently:

If you have ceiling fans, you may not realize they can help you save money on heating your home during the Winter months. Setting your fans to spin clockwise at a low speed can increase warm air circulation, by pulling cool air up and pushing the naturally rise warm air down along the walls.

While researching storm doors, we came across countless articles arguing for and against their use. Who knew storm doors are a hotly contested debate! While they were previously believed to help improve heating efficiency, that may no longer be the case. Read more from the Washington Post, Do it Yourself, and Coastal Windows & Exteriors to make your decision on the use of storm doors in the Winter.

5. Clean the Chimney:

Cleaning your chimney before the Winter months is extremely important! Did you know fireplaces and stoves are two of the leading sources of house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S.? Some benefits of cleaning your chimney include:

  • Removes Obstructions and Pests

  • Prevents fire by removing any build-up of creosote (a highly flammable chemical compound that forms on chimneys when you burn wood)

  • Discover any new damage or structural problems

  • Stay up-to-date on insurance requirements

  • Increase the lifespan of the Flue Liner

  • Improve efficiency