Finding an experienced and knowledgeable professional to manage the marketing and sale of your home can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

We understand that your home isn’t just a treasured part of your family’s history, it often also represents a significant investment. That is why it’s essential to have the power of a world-class brand in your corner, and a hyper-local expert on your team. 


Whether you’re ready to sell now or just looking to answer a few questions, we will guide you with knowledge and expertise specific to your needs.

Determine Your Goals

  • We build a plan around your goals and objectives. This process begins with a discussion to determine exactly what’s important.

  • We form a plan to ensure you achieve all of your goals in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • The tools available to you are designed with the goal of creating a real estate transaction experience that is as effective, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Preparing Your Home

  • This is a critical step in selling your home. We only have one chance to make first impression and our formula ensures that it’s the best impression possible.

  • Some key considerations to keep in mind when selling your home include: Decluttering & Organization, Paint & Repairs, and Design & Staging.

  • It’s important that we come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and timeline as well as your budget

  • Compass offers a unique program to assist with up-front costs for any large ticket preparation items. Please reach out to discuss this further!

Marketing Your Home

  • Selling a home has as much to do with marketing the home as any other aspects, combined.

  • It’s of the utmost importance to make sure you’re reaching the largest group of potential buyers.

  • We always start with who we’re marketing to. This gives use the basis to create a custom strategy for ensuring your home is in front of the largest number of qualified buyers.

From Offer to Close

  • Our system for handling the numerous items related to transactional documents, inspections and certifications, allows you to be comfortable knowing that each deadline will be met, and each item will be delivered, ensuring the property closes on time. 

  • We understand that issues arise and it's our commitment to maintain a high level of communication throughout the entire process so that you know exactly where things stand, at any given point.

  • Our experience affords you the comfort of knowing that should any issues arise, they will be handled swiftly and in a professional manner.

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